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Master of Science (MS) in
Human Environmental Sciences with a focus in Consumer Quality Management


Program Overview

Prepare yourself to become a quality management leader by earning your Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences with a focus in Consumer Quality Management from The University of Alabama. If you would like to develop a deeper understanding of quality management, this degree program can help you reach your goals.

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Be the Breakthrough Your Team Needs

The Consumer Quality Management area of study will provide you with a comprehensive education on the facilitation skills necessary to lead an organization in continuous improvement. This 30-hour program is offered completely online to make earning the degree convenient for working adults.

  • Application DeadlineAugust 1 for fall admission; December 1 for spring admission; May 1 for summer admission


The MS in HES with a focus in Consumer Quality Management degree program requires 30 credit hours. Please note that courses are subject to change..

Core Courses

  • CSM 506: Consumer Management Quality Assurance
  • CSM 507: Consumer Quality Management Facilitation Skills
  • CSM 508: Consumer Quality Management Systems
  • CSM 511: Building Employee Engagement
  • CSM 512: Analysis in Quality Control
  • CSM 590: CQM Capstone

Research Course

  • HES 509: Research Methods


Select three with advisor.

  • CSM 515: Customer Service
  • CSM 525: Consumer Conflict Resolution
  • CSM 537: Developing the Leader Within
  • CSM 561: Managing in High Performance Organizations
  • CSM 572: Needs Assessment, Planning and Evaluation
  • CSM 574: Privacy and Security in Interactive Technology

Student Testimonial

Luke Becker, a graduate of the MS in Human Environmental Sciences, with a focus in Consumer Quality Management online degree program from The University of Alabama, improved his skill set and expanded his knowledge to make himself even more credible in his field.

How can CQM help a student’s career?

“Students leave our area of study with a better understanding of quality as it relates to their respective fields. They have the skills to research a problem, address the problem and propose resolutions with their new knowledge base,” McMath said. “Additionally students gain skills related to management through leadership, service and conflict courses. Those with years of management experience can opt for electives in interactive technology and security.”

William Katz, a student in the program, added, “The skills that I gained were leadership-centric. Specifically, I gained a better understanding of quantifiable leadership principles, varied management systems, and how to effectively manage conflict in an organizational workplace environment.”

Another student, Keri Talley, said, “This program has helped me to view the workplace differently. It has taught me to bring people and systems together in order to develop communication in the workplace and create a staff that is willing to learn.”

While other students like Lance Greene feel that they become both better managers and better leaders. Greene said, “In the management realm, understanding continuous improvement and analysis has improved my functionality, capabilities and processes. I also found that I have become a more effective leader, communicator and advocate for my employees.”

What makes this area of study different from other CQM programs?

“Our CQM area of study is not focused or based in engineering but in quality as it applies to the workplace,” McMath said. “We approach quality management from a global or generalized perspective. In addition to the core quality courses, the Consumer Quality Management area of study includes content in leadership, conflict management and interactive technology.”

Talley added, “This is a different type of management program as it does not focus solely on operations management. It focuses on employee leadership and building a stronger staff to advance the company. In addition, it teaches interpersonal communication skills, emphasizes big picture thinking, and develops analytical skills that are used daily. It’s proactive, not reactive.”

Greene said, “The knowledge expansion and experience to develop improved performance, skills, and analytical ability make this program stand out. This was an intense program, but the faculty were available, understanding, and flexible to meet student needs and their talents are unmatched. What a great experience!”

“This is The University of Alabama. Alabama equals respect. Alabama’s CQM program was highly rated, and having completed the program I am in total agreement. The post-graduation support is exceptional. While completing this program, even though online, you’re welcomed into the Alabama family. I’m proud to be an alumni of and an advocate for The University of Alabama. Roll Tide!” said 2015 graduate Luke Becker.


For Admission Consideration:

  • At least one of the following GPAs (on a 4.0 scale)
    – An overall 3.0 GPA
    – An overall 3.0 GPA in your last 60 semester hours
    – A 3.0 GPA in your graduate program
  • If your GPA is lower than recommended, you may be considered for admission with additional requirements. Please check with your prospective program for more information.
  • Two letters of recommendation. If an applicant is currently in college, recently in college or a recent graduate, at least one recommendation must be from a former professor or instructor from a course that you completed.
  • Statement of Purpose (Include in the Header: Quality Management). Students should also include in their statement why they have chosen this area of study and how it will apply to their personal and/or professional goals
  • Current Resume

When completing the online application:

  • Select Campus Location – Distance Learning
  • Select Program Type: Distance (Online/Blended/Gadsden)
  • Select Degree Type: Master’s/EdS
  • Select Course of Study: Human Environmental Sciences, MHS
  • Select Your Are of Focus: Consumer Quality Management

Non-Degree Application

This option allows a student to complete a maximum of 12 credit hours as a non-degree student. One must apply to a degree program before taking additional courses beyond 12 credit hours. The non-degree GPA will not be used to determine GPA qualifications for admission.


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