UA Online Testing Services

Students enrolled in online or video streaming courses have several options for exam proctoring. Exams may be taken in the UA Testing Services, Houser Hall, 301 7th Ave, Suite 2040 (second floor); online using a live online proctoring service, at a two or four-year college that has a testing services area; or at a local library that provides proctoring services. All on-campus, online and off-campus proctored exam scheduling should be done in your Blackboard course through SmarterProctoring. Testing deadlines are provided in the course syllabus/schedule of each course. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule tests in accordance with the established deadlines. Additional charges may be incurred for proctoring services depending upon the location/method selected by the student. The student is responsible for any proctoring cost.

Please note that we do not offer proctored testing services for certification, licensure, or non-credit course examinations of any kind.

Testing Services Hours

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.


Student Testing Code of Conduct

Students taking online or off-campus proctored tests are held to the same student code of conduct as students testing on the UA campus. In accordance with the UA Code of Student Conduct, you understand and agree that any misconduct or fraudulent activity committed by you in connection with your UA exam may result in invalidation of your scores, immediate suspension or termination of your access to further online proctored or approved off-campus testing, and disciplinary action by UA consistent with student code of conduct policies. You understand and agree that the online or off-campus proctor will report any suspected fraud or testing misconduct (academic and/or behavioral) to UA and/or law enforcement authorities. Under the guidelines of student misconduct, UA and law enforcement agencies will pursue any action reasonably necessary to protect students, school records, and the integrity of all testing materials.