Picture of Robert Hayes, PhD

Robert Hayes, PhD

Associate Provost

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Picture of Amanda Ingram, PhD

Amanda Ingram, PhD

Executive Director

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Marketing And Recruitment

Picture of Mandy Johnson

Mandy Johnson


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Picture of Hannah Berman

Hannah Berman

Manager of UA Online Recruitment

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Hannah Berman grew up in Purvis, Mississippi. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2013 with her BA in International Studies and earned her MA in History from Mississippi State University in 2016. She will complete her EdD in Higher Education Administration from The University of Alabama in Summer 2024. Her hobbies include gardening and learning new cooking techniques.
Picture of Miranda Carlisle

Miranda Carlisle

Program Coordinator

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Have a question about UA? Miranda has the answer. Not just because she's an adjunct instructor for the College of Communication and Information Sciences, but because she's been a student here, just like you! No one knows better than Miranda. She'll help you figure out what you need to get started and hit the ground running once you do. And, if you want to know what you missed on the last episode of your favorite TV crime drama, she can fill you in on that, too.
Picture of Joshua Buzan

Joshua Buzan

Admissions Counselor

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Carley Ganus

Admissions Counselor

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Carley Ganus earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in hospitality management with a concentration in sports from The University of Alabama. Before joining the UA Online team, Carley worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the College of Human Environmental Sciences and as an athletic academic advisor assistant on The University of Alabama campus. Outside of work, Carley likes attending athletic events, traveling and trying new things. Carley is passionately committed to assisting others in achieving their goals and aspirations.
Picture of Katie Nethery

Katie Nethery

Admissions Counselor

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Katie received her bachelor's in English from The University of Alabama in 2021, and is now working toward her master's in English with a concentration in creative writing through the University of North Alabama's online program. She loves helping individuals find their purpose in life. She hopes to one day teach creative writing to college students and have her own magazine. Outside of work, Katie loves gardening, cooking, writing, and experimenting with various forms of art!
Picture of Michael Nix

Michael Nix

Assistant Director, Digital Marketing

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Picture of Frank Farrar

Frank Farrar

Marketing Manager

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Frank Farrar is a Marketing Manager responsible for programs from the Capstone College of Nursing, College of Community Health Sciences and College of Engineering.
Picture of Mike Lynskey

Mike Lynskey

Marketing Manager

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Mike Lynskey is a Marketing Manager responsible for programs from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Communication and Information Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences and the School of Social Work.
Picture of Jessika White

Jessika White

Marketing and Communications Manager

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Jessika White is a Marketing Manager responsible for programs from the Colleges of Education and Business.
Picture of Olivia Ann Hodges

Olivia Ann Hodges

Marketing and Communications Manager

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Picture of Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke

Graphic Designer

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Picture of Taylor Clark

Taylor Clark

Internet Communication Specialist

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Picture of Alana Norris

Alana Norris

Content Coordinator

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Carlie Horn

Content Coordinator

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Ketina Tutton

Social Media Specialist

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Alyssa Sons

Marketing Coordinator

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Picture of Addie Grace Akins

Addie Grace Akins

Marketing Coordinator

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Picture of Tracy Barton

Tracy Barton

Marketing Associate

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Student Success

One of the first things you'll notice when you meet Sonya is her smile. She puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. She's a person you'll always feel comfortable with when you have a question. Whether it's about military education issues, testing, choosing your degree, graduating on time, or finding a scholarship, Sonya and her team are happy to answer questions and solve problems to help students reach their goals. And if you really want to see her smile, ask her about her family. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and attending Alabama football games with her family.
Picture of Claire Slaton

Claire Slaton

Assistant Director

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Claire has worked as a recruiting specialist for UA Early College, the enrollment coordinator for Bama By Distance and now as the assistant director of Online Student Success.  She is able to combine her love of helping students with her interest in data analysis to provide support to nontraditional students earning a degree from The University of Alabama. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master of Science in Marketing, both from The University of Alabama. In her spare time, Claire enjoys crafting and decorating.  She and her husband also enjoy attending sporting events.
Picture of James Shamlee

James Shamlee

Military Services Manager

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Soldiers make the best students. A former U.S. Army Senior Military Instructor at The University of Alabama ROTC Department, James knows it first-hand. He has a B.S. in Business Administration and later earned his M.S. in Human Environmental Sciences (Interactive Technology) from UA. When you talk to James, you'll know immediately that he loves what he does. He loves helping military students, and talking with military recruits. You'll appreciate James' give-it-all-you've-got attitude. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with computers.
Picture of Ginnifer Carnethon

Ginnifer Carnethon

Success Coach

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Picture of Derrico’ Carr

Derrico’ Carr

Success Coach

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Dani helps the Student Services team with everything from travel arrangements to planning the graduation reception at the end of each semester. She loves hearing from and helping distance students in her role. She graduated from The University of Alabama and loves the Crimson Tide and is also passionate about art, putting her talent to use in photography and design in her spare time.
Picture of Kathryn Morrow

Kathryn Morrow

Entry Term Advisor

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Shelia Branham

Program Assistant

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Program Development

Picture of Megan Welborn, EdD

Megan Welborn, EdD

Director, Program Development

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If there was an award for loving The University of Alabama, Megan would win it! She earned a BA in Communication and Information Sciences, a MA in Educational Psychology and her EdD in Higher Education Administration from UA. As the director of Program Development, she sees it as her daily mission to share her passion for UA, education and student success. Her job is to oversee the creation and maintenance of over 100 online and hybrid academic programs. However, her main goal is to continue sharing her enthusiasm for lifelong learning with others. Megan enjoys traveling and attending Alabama Athletics events with her husband and son.
Picture of Chelsea Fancher

Chelsea Fancher

Assistant Director of Online Program Operations

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Chelsea Fancher manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.
Picture of Mary Kathryn Poe

Mary Kathryn Poe

Assistant Director of Online Program Operations

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Learn more about Mary Kathryn Poe

Mary Kathryn Poe manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Human Environmental Sciences.
Picture of Jessie Richardson

Jessie Richardson

Assistant Director of Online Program Operations

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Learn more about Jessie Richardson

Jessie Richardson manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Community Health Sciences, College of Engineering, the Culverhouse College of Business and the School of Social Work.
Picture of Shanikia Young, PhD

Shanikia Young, PhD

Assistant Director of Online Program Operations

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Dr. Shanikia Young manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Communication and Information Sciences, the Capstone College of Nursing and the Graduate School.
Picture of Justin Payne

Justin Payne

Program/QM Coordinator

Instructional Technology And Academic Services

Picture of Allan Guenther

Allan Guenther

Director, Instructional Technology and Academic Services

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Charlotte Adcox

Program Assistant

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Picture of Katy Allen

Katy Allen


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Picture of Allison Bearer

Allison Bearer

Instructional Designer

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Lori Bowden

Instructional Designer II

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Picture of Chynna Boyd

Chynna Boyd

Instructional Technology Manager

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Mary Brunette

Technical Support Specialist

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Picture of Crystal Butler

Crystal Butler

Senior Instructional Designer

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Picture of Ciera Cornelison

Ciera Cornelison

Instructional Designer

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Picture of Emily Covington

Emily Covington

Instructional Technology Assistant

Contact Emily Covington
Learn more about Emily Covington

Emily Covington is a graduate of the University of Montevallo with a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She is currently pursuing a master's degree through The University of Alabama Online in Communication Studies. Emily volunteers for local animal shelters and contributes by fostering homeless animals and photographing them to promote their adoption. In her free time, she enjoys photography, art and spending time with her dogs and husband. Prior to becoming an administrative specialist, Emily worked for UA as an early childhood program specialist and for UA Online as an admissions counselor.

Ethan Crowe

Video Specialist

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Doug Dillingham

Media Specialist II

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Picture of Bobbie Fike

Bobbie Fike

Program Assistant

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Dan Gregory

Media Specialist I

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Picture of Leah Gutenson, PhD

Leah Gutenson, PhD

Instructional Designer II

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Charity Jaspering

Technical Support Specialist

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Picture of Kristin Kaylor

Kristin Kaylor

Senior Accessibility Instructional Designer

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Picture of John Kliner

John Kliner

Media Specialist II

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Picture of Lee Laska

Lee Laska

Assistant Director, Instructional Media

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Picture of Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis

Senior Instructional Designer

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Clifton Lewis


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Picture of Beth Lindly

Beth Lindly

Content Editor

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Picture of Elizabeth McDonald

Elizabeth McDonald

Instructional Designer

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Picture of Anthony Reed

Anthony Reed

Media Specialist II

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Tyler Roberts, EdD

Assistant Director, Instructional Design

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Preston Ruddell

Instructional Designer

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Brandon Sanders

Instructional Technology Assistant

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Picture of Brian Seidman

Brian Seidman

Content Editor

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Latoya Sewell

Instructional Technology Assistant

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Picture of Josh Sullivan

Josh Sullivan

Technical Support Specialist

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Picture of Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey Taylor

Instructional Designer II

Contact Kelsey Taylor

Picture of Shinora Walker

Shinora Walker

Instructional Designer II

Contact Shinora Walker

Picture of Miranda Webster

Miranda Webster

Senior Instructional Designer

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Michele White

Instructional Designer

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Roger Woodard

Senior Instructional Designer

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