Financial Resources

Financial Calendar

Never miss a deadline by checking the financial calendar and making note of important dates at the beginning of each semester.

Student Account Services and Financial Aid

All your student bill needs are handled by the experts in UA’s Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices. UA Online staff do not participate in those services, but we’re glad to connect you with them! If you have questions about these services, the best course of action is to contact those offices directly:


The Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education offers over 40 scholarships to online learners every semester! Students are only required to submit one scholarship application per year for all scholarships. Those applications are open from March 1 each year.

Professional Development Grants Available to Graduate Students

The University of Alabama provides enrolled graduate students the opportunity to grow professionally through fellowships and other awards not associated with scholarships or compensation. Grad students can use this funding to travel nationally or internationally to attend a conference, present their research or accept an award.

Conference awards are reserved for graduate students selected to present their research or creative work at a significant academic or professional organization’s gathering in their field. Research awards are primarily given to graduate students for their thesis, pre-dissertation or dissertation research.
Current graduate students can only submit one conference request and one research request per year. (A “year” is defined as fall semester through the following summer term.) Requests for awards must be initiated by the student, endorsed by their faculty advisor and department chair, and submitted to the graduate school. The department may provide a 1:1 match up to the maximum of the following amounts:

  • Conference travel: $500 within North America; $800 beyond North America
  • Research funding: $300 within North America; $600 beyond North America

If you want to initiate a request to the Graduate School, start by logging into the UA Grad Student Portal. Once logged in, students should select “Funding” and then “CRF Request Form.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form.