Is an online or distance learning degree right for me?

The simple answer is, you can be ready. Most people re-entering the world of education are intimidated, but once they understand that all it takes is the willingness to put in the work, they find they can accomplish anything. Many who were once hesitant, often go on to earn graduate level degrees. Consider these strategies for distance learning success:

  • Be self-motivated
    • Without regular classroom meetings and reminders from faculty, it can be tempting to let your work pile up. Successful students create schedules for themselves and stick to them. Whether you decide you will you wake up earlier, work at lunchtime or at night, we suggest you create your own “class time.”
  • Get comfortable with basic technology
    • If you can navigate the Internet, read and send emails, you have the skills to work with the technology. You will communicate through emails. You can access the library online or participate on discussion boards online.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Your student services counselor can help you navigate through the administration process. Your professors are just an email away. You can even reach out to fellow students on discussion boards. There is never a shortage of people who are ready to help you.