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Bachelor of Science (BS) in
Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Learn to make an impact in manufacturing with an online bachelor’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from The University of Alabama’s premier Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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    Primarily Online
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Build Your Future in Manufacturing

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The online Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering prepares students with the skills and knowledge for successful careers in manufacturing systems with practical applications ranging from cyber-physical systems to manufacturing processes. Manufacturing jobs have become a major staple in our economy, and The University of Alabama Department of Mechanical Engineering is positioned to be a pipeline for skilled graduates and innovators. In an effort to expand in this growing field, UA created the Alabama Initiative on Manufacturing Development and Education (Alabama IMaDE) and has launched a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary research and education center in intelligent and advanced manufacturing systems and processes. Graduates of this degree program will have the skills to make substantial contributions in areas including design, productivity and quality control across a wide range of industrial entities.

  • Application DeadlineApplications accepted year round; Newly admitted students must begin in Fall or Spring semesters
  • Are test scores required?ACT and SAT scores are not required through the Fall 2024 entry term


The Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Systems requires the completion of 125 credit hours. The program’s unique, blended format allows students to experience the same lectures and discussions as traditional campus students through online and video courses.

Coursework is completed primarily online with the exception of some course and lab activities that may require occasional face-to-face interaction with instructors. Students are expected to complete these activities during programmed weekend visits to the main campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Please note that courses are subject to change.

Program Requirements

  • CH 101 General Chemistry I (N)**
  • MATH 125 Calculus I (M)
  • MFE 190 Capstone Experience: Introduction to Manufacturing Systems Engineering or ME 121 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
  • EN 101 English Composition (FC)
  • History (HI) or social behavioral science (SB) elective

  • PH 105 General Physics With Calculus I (N)**
  • MATH 126 Calculus II (M)
  • ENGR 103 Engineering Foundations
  • ENGR 161 Small-Scale Engineering Graphics
  • EN 102 English Composition II (FC)

  • PH 106 General Physics With Calculus II (N)**
  • MATH 227 Calculus III (M)
  • AEM 201 Statics
  • ME 215 Thermodynamics I
  • MFE 200-level elective1

  • MTE 271 Engineering Materials: Structure and Properties
  • MATH 238 Applied Differential Equations I**
  • AEM 250 Mechanics of Materials I
  • AEM 251 Mechanics of Materials I Lab
  • MFE 290 Capstone Experience: Foundations of Programming
  • Humanities (HU), literature (L), or fine arts (FA) elective

  • ME 383 Modern Manufacturing Processes
  • ECE 320 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • GES 400 Engineering Statistics
  • MFE 200/300-level Elective2
  • History (H) or social behavioral sciences (SB) elective

  • MFE 385 Metrology
  • AEM 264 Dynamics or AEM 311 Fluid Mechanics
  • MFE 342 Fundamentals of Materials Processing
  • MFE 332 Quality Control
  • Humanities (H), literature (L), fine arts (FA) elective

  • MFE 390 Capstone Experience: Manufacturing Engineering Design I or ME 489 Mechanical Engineering Design I
  • MFE 483 Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • MFE 442 Advanced Materials Science and Additive Processes
  • MFE 485 Modern Manufacturing Practices II
  • MFE 300/400-level elective3

  • MFE 490 Capstone Experience: Manufacturing Engineering Design II or ME 490 Mechanical Engineering Design II
  • MFE 473 Discrete Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
  • Approved Science Elective4
  • Humanities (H), literature (L), fine arts (FA) elective
  • History (H) or social behavioral sciences (SB) elective

  • MFE 201 Basics of Robotics
  • MFE 202 Basics of PLC
  • MFE 203 Basics of Automation and Materials Handling
  • CS 200 Software Design and Engineering
  • CS 201 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 202 Web Foundations
  • CS 285 Spreadsheet Applications
  • MTE 275 Engineering Materials Lab
  • ST 260 Statistical Data Analysis

Other electives may be substituted for any of the above courses but require permission and approval of the program advisor and coordinator.

  • MFE 222 Robotic Welding
  • MFE 224 Industrial Auto with Robotics
  • MFE 226 Instrumentation for Automation
  • MFE 232 Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • MFE 262 Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things
  • CS 302 Database Applications
  • CS 322 Python Programming
  • CS 385 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
  • ME 360 Control Instrument Components
  • ME 380 Engineering Leadership I
  • MTE 380 Synthesis, Processing and Manufacturing of Materials

Other electives may be substituted for any of the above courses but require permission and approval of the program advisor and coordinator.

  • MFE 302 Advanced PLC
  • MFE 303 Advanced Automation and Materials Handling
  • MFE 326 Process Monitoring and Control
  • MFE 338 Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • CE 414 Information Systems Design
  • CE 417 Advanced Project Management
  • CE 418 Engineering Management
  • CS 305 Advanced Database Applications and Design
  • ECE 438 Intgr Circuit Fabr Prin
  • ME 421 Reliability and Maintainability Engineering
  • ME 424 Automotive Manufacturing
  • ME 430 Fuzzy Set Theory and Application
  • ME 440 Failure of Engineering Materials
  • ME 456 Mechatronics
  • ME 484 Product Innovation
  • MTE 455 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Select from the following:

  • BSC 108 Introduction to Biology Non-Majors I
  • BSC 109 Introduction to Biology Non-Majors II

** Not offered by UA Distance. Must be completed at another institution and transferred to UA.


The Manufacturing Systems Engineering program is open to U.S. students as well as international students residing in the U.S. with appropriate visas. To apply for formal admission to any of the undergraduate degree programs offered through UA Online, you must complete an admissions application and submit transcripts from all colleges previously attended (and a high school transcript if you have less than 24 credit hours of college coursework). Transfer students considering admission should review UA’s transfer information and policies and the College of Engineering’s residency requirements.

Applicants must meet one of the following admission requirements:

If you have earned more than 24 college-level credit hours at the time of your application to the University, you will need to meet the transfer student admission requirement of a minimum 2.0 overall college GPA.

If you have earned less than 24 college-level credit hours at the time of your application to the University, you will need to meet both the 2.0 overall college GPA required for transfer students as well as Admission Requirements for Freshmen Students.  If high school graduation was more than four years ago, ACT/SAT scores are not required.

Applications are accepted year-round, but we recommend applying before the dates below to ensure you receive advising and transfer credit evaluation prior to enrolling in your required courses. This evaluation is separate from University Admissions, and the College of Engineering cannot guarantee you will be evaluated for your desired start term if you apply after these dates.

  • July 15 for fall enrollment
  • Nov. 15 for spring enrollment

*Newly admitted students must begin in Fall or Spring semesters. 


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