The University of Alabama offers degree programs that may lead to professional licensure, and licensure requirements vary from one profession to another and from state to state. If you are interested in obtaining professional licensure, please refer to the links below to confirm with the appropriate licensing body in the state where you intend to practice.

Out-of-state applicants should determine by reviewing here whether the University is authorized or accepting applications from the state where you are currently residing, or if for any special restrictions exist for your academic program of interest. Find more information here on the University’s specialized academic program accreditation.

Possible Changes in Licensing Requirements

Licensure information on this site is reviewed and updated in the Spring of every year. While UA has made every effort to provide accurate information, state laws and regulations are subject to change at any time. A student who intends to pursue licensure outside of the state of Alabama should check with their state’s licensing board for changes in requirements. Changes in educational requirements may impact the program’s ability to meet any new educational requirements for licensure in a student’s home state. Enrolled and prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact their state’s licensing body for information and guidance on licensure requirements for the state where they are located or where they plan to be licensed.

Relocating during the course of a program

Licensing and authorization requirements vary by state, and relocating during the course of a program to another state may impact a student’s course of study. Specifically, a student may not be able to continue in their chosen program, meet the eligibility requirements of the new state, and/or receive financial aid for their program of study. Students considering relocating during the course of a program should contact the new state’s licensure board to check for authorization and licensure eligibility requirements.

National Certification and Professional Licensure Boards

State Certification and Professional Licensure Boards

Alabama Board of Nursing
Alabama Board of Education
Alabama Board of Social Work

Alaska Board of Nursing
Alaska Board of Education
Alaska Board of Social Work

Arizona Board of Nursing
Arizona Department of Education
Arizona Board of Social Work

Arkansas Board of Nursing
Arkansas Department of Education
Arkansas Board of Social Work

California Board of Nursing
California Board of Education
California Board of Social Work
California Professional Licensure Boards
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Colorado Board of Nursing
Colorado Department of Education
Colorado Board of Social Work

Connecticut Board of Nursing
Connecticut State Department of Education
Connecticut Board of Social Work

Delaware Board of Nursing
Delaware Department of Education
Delaware Board of Social Work

District of Columbia
District of Columbia Board of Nursing
District of Columbia, Office of the State Superintendent of Education
District of Columbia Board of Social Work

Florida Board of Nursing
Florida Department of Education
Florida Board of Social Work

Georgia Board of Nursing
Georgia Board of Education
Georgia Board of Social Work
Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Hawaii Board of Nursing
Hawaii Board of Education
Hawaii Board of Social Work
Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

Idaho Board of Nursing
Idaho Department of Education
Idaho Board of Social Work

Illinois Board of Nursing
Illinois State Board of Education
Illinois Board of Social Work

Indiana Board of Nursing
Indiana Department of Education
Indiana Board of Social Work

Iowa Board of Nursing
Iowa Department of Education
Iowa Board of Social Work

Kansas Board of Nursing
Kansas State Department of Education
Kansas Board of Social Work

Kentucky Board of Nursing
Kentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Board of Social Work

Louisiana Board of Nursing
Louisiana Department of Education
Louisiana Board of Social Work

Maine Board of Nursing
Maine Department of Education
Maine Board of Social Work

Maryland Board of Nursing
Maryland State Department of Education
Maryland Board of Social Work

Massachusetts Board of Nursing
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Massachusetts Board of Social Work

Michigan Board of Nursing
Michigan Department of Education
Michigan Board of Social Work

Minnesota Board of Nursing
Minnesota Board of Education
Minnesota Board of Social Work
Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board

Mississippi Board of Nursing
Mississippi Department of Education
Mississippi Board of Social Work

Missouri Board of Nursing
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Missouri Board of Social Work

Montana Board of Nursing
Montana Board of Education
Montana Board of Social Work

Nebraska Board of Nursing
Nebraska Department of Education
Nebraska Board of Social Work

Nevada Board of Nursing
Nevada Department of Education
Nevada Board of Social Work

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Board of Nursing
New Hampshire Department of Education
New Hampshire Board of Social Work

New Jersey
New Jersey Board of Nursing
New Jersey Department of Education
New Jersey Board of Social Work

New Mexico
New Mexico Board of Nursing
New Mexico Board of Education
New Mexico Board of Social Work

New York
New York Board of Nursing
New York State Department of Education
New York Board of Social Work

North Carolina
North Carolina Board of Nursing
North Carolina Board of Education
North Carolina Board of Social Work

North Dakota
North Dakota Board of Nursing
North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board
North Dakota Board of Social Work

Oklahoma Board of Nursing
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Oklahoma Board of Social Work

Oregon Board of Nursing
Oregon Board of Education
Oregon Board of Social Work
Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

Pennsylvania Board of Nursing
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Pennsylvania Board of Social Work
Pennsylvania Professional Licensure Boards

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Board of Nursing
Rhode Island Department of Education
Rhode Island Board of Social Work

South Carolina
South Carolina Board of Nursing
South Carolina Department of Education
South Carolina Board of Social Work

South Dakota
South Dakota Board of Nursing
South Dakota Board of Education
South Dakota Board of Social Work

Tennessee Board of Nursing
Tennessee Department of Education
Tennessee Board of Social Work

Texas Board of Nursing
Texas Education Agency
Texas Board of Social Work

Utah Board of Nursing
Utah State Board of Education
Utah Board of Social Work

Vermont Board of Nursing
Vermont Agency of Education
Vermont Board of Social Work

Virginia Board of Nursing
Virginia Board of Education
Virginia Board of Social Work

Washington Nursing Commission
Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction
Washington Board of Social Work

West Virginia
West Virginia Board of Nursing
West Virginia Board of Education
West Virginia Board of Social Work

Wisconsin Board of Nursing
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Wisconsin Board of Social Work

Wyoming State Board of Nursing
Wyoming Department of Education
Wyoming Board of Social Work