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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Human Environmental Sciences in
Consumer Sciences, concentration in Consumer Affairs


Program Overview

The concentration in Consumer Affairs prepares students for enriching careers or further education by providing an applied approach to understanding consumers in individual and corporate or public environments.

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Have a Passion for Helping Others?

Coursework focuses on consumer economics, policy, demographics, communications and family resource management. The program builds students’ capacity to analyze market trends and personal finance matters from a consumer perspective and to communicate these concerns and projections to stakeholders.

The skills and knowledge gained through the concentration in Consumer Affairs will equip graduates for careers as consumer specialists, analysts, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, customer engagement specialists and financial professionals in a wide variety of settings—private, public and non-profit.

  • Application DeadlineApplications accepted year round
  • Are test scores required?ACT and SAT scores are not required through the Fall 2024 entry term


This 120 semester hour program includes General Education requirements, 6 hours HES requirements, Major requirements, Consumer Affairs concentration requirements, and electives. Please note that courses are subject to change.

Consumer Sciences

  • CSM 201  Individual Family Resource Management
  • CSM 204  Introduction to Personal Financial Planning or CSM 205 Honors Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
  • CSM 225  Confidence in Conflict
  • CSM 303  Consumer Decisions
  • CSM 381  Consumer Marketing Management or MKT 300 Marketing
  • CSM 401  Consumer Protection
  • ST 260  Statistical Data Analysis or PY 211 Elementary Statistical Methods, SOC 301 Social Statistics, BER 345 Educational Statistics, CJ 381 Statistics

Consumer Affairs

  • CSM 403 Consumer Economics
  • CSM 415 Customer Service Management
  • CSM 441 Consumer Communications
  • CSM 447 Digital Tools

Consumer Science Electives

Choose three courses:

  • CSM 405 Public Policy: Family and Community Resources
  • CSM 435 Psychology of Money
  • CSM 440 Maximizing Social Media Marketing
  • CSM 451 Consumer Demographics
  • CSM 455 Consumer Analytic Methods
  • CSM 459 Techniques of Counseling in Consumer Sciences
  • CSM Elective Block (Additional CSM 100-499 courses)

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A degree in Consumer Affairs opens the door to many careers.

A Consumer Affairs degree teaches you the skills to pursue several career paths. The beauty of our degree lies in its flexibility. Here are some of the career opportunities with our BS in CA degree:

Work for consumer protection organizations, advocating for consumers’ rights and ensuring fair business practices.

Conduct research to analyze market trends, consumer behavior and competitor strategies to help businesses make informed decisions. Provide insights into global consumer trends, cultural nuances and market entry strategies.

Focus specifically on the development, maintenance and enhancement of a brand’s image, ensuring it aligns with consumer expectations and values.

Analyze and develop policies for government agencies or nonprofit organizations related to consumer protection.

Select and purchase products to be sold in retail stores, taking into account consumer preferences, market trends and budget constraints.

Manage social media accounts for a company, engaging with consumers, addressing concerns and promoting products or services.

Analyze consumer data to derive actionable insights, helping businesses understand consumer behavior, preferences and trends to make informed decisions.

Conduct in-depth research to gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior, attitudes and motivations, providing insights for product development and marketing strategies.

Build and maintain strong relationships with consumers, ensuring their needs are met and addressing concerns, to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Provide consultancy services to businesses on effective data and business management practices, helping them optimize operations and decision-making.

Manage the sourcing of products and materials on a global scale, considering factors like cost, quality and ethical standards to ensure responsible and efficient sourcing.

Oversee the entire supply chain process, integrating online and offline channels to provide a seamless and consistent experience for consumers across different platforms.

Optimize inventory levels and allocation of merchandise, ensuring products are available when and where consumers demand them while minimizing excess stock.

Ensure that products meet quality standards and regulatory requirements, addressing any issues related to product safety or defects.

Monitor and enforce adherence to laws, regulations and ethical standards within an organization, ensuring business practices comply with consumer protection laws.

Work with companies to develop and implement socially responsible practices, including ethical sourcing, sustainable production and community engagement.

Manage communication between an organization and the public, addressing consumer concerns, promoting positive public image and managing crisis communications.

Ensure that products are sourced ethically and responsibly, addressing issues related to labor practices, environmental impact and fair trade.

Manage relationships with clients or retailers, driving sales and ensuring customer satisfaction either in a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) context.

Coordinate and optimize day-to-day operations within retail stores, ensuring a positive customer experience, efficient workflow and adherence to consumer-centric policies.


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