Step 1 – Log into myBama

Step 2 – Look in the “Currently on myBama” menu

  1. Select the “Look up classes” link
    Look up classes link

Step 3 – Use the drop-down menu to select the term you are registering for

  1. Select the “Submit” button
    Search by term dropdown

Step 4 – Select the “Advanced Search” button
Look up classes list and advanced search options

Step 5 – Select a subject

  1. Optional – type a “Course Number”
  2. Beside the “Campus” label, choose “Online – DL/Gadsden Students”
  3. Select “Section Search” at the bottom of the screen
    Advanced search options

Step 6 –¬†Look closely at the list of courses

  1. Find the courses with section numbers (900 – 999)
  2. Write down the CRN number of courses found
  3. Select one of the boxes on the left-hand side of the screen that meets your criteria (subject, online, open to distance learning students)
    Look up class list with sections and CRN

Step 7 – On the “Work Sheet” page you will need to add the CRN numbers for the courses you want to register for

  1. From this point, follow the instructions listed on the page