The University of Alabama is using SmarterProctoring to coordinate all of our exam material for our proctored exams. SmarterProctoring is a proctoring process management system that helps facilitate and streamline exam instructions and materials for an institution’s proctoring program from beginning to end.

To proctor The University of Alabama’s exams, please follow the steps below under “Signing Up.”

After you complete these sign-up steps, the system will allow students to request a testing session at your testing center. Once you approve the requested testing session, all the information for that testing session (exam password, proctor notes, allowed items, etc.) will be available to you through SmarterProctoring.

There is no cost to join SmarterProctoring and you are not obligated to accept the testing session request if it does not coincide with your availability.

Payment for Proctoring

If you charge students for proctoring, you are allowed to set your own proctoring rate. For your convenience, there are multiple ways that you can accept payment for the proctoring session.

Option 1: You can collect the payment from the student when they arrive to take the exam. To set up your Testing Center Profile to take payment on site, you will simply select the option “Proctor Collected Fee” when setting up your location.

Option 2: If desired, SmarterProctoring can collect the payment for you when the exam is scheduled. This ensures that if a student fails to show up for their exam, you will still get paid for the seat reservation at your testing center. Once the session is completed in SmarterProctoring, the system is designed to let you print a check for the session on your office printer. This option is the standard setup in SmarterProctoring and is the default unless you mark otherwise on your location profile. (Please Note: Students will be required to pay a 5% fee for this method, based on the fee charged for your services, to cover the credit/debit card transaction fees.)

If you have any questions regarding SmarterProctoring, proctoring payment or the instructions below, please email

Signing Up

To sign up, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and click ATTN: PROCTORS & ADMINISTRATORS: TO LOGIN TO YOUR SMARTERPROCTORING ACCOUNT CLICK HERE. Then fill out your name, testing center/institution name and email to be approved for proctoring.
  2. SmarterProctoring will send you an email to verify your email address. Please click the link within the email and then log in using the information you provided.
  3. Complete your Testing Center and Proctor Profile.
  4. After completing your profile, please send an email to requesting that your profile be activated.
  5. You’re done for now! After completing the profile, students will be able to find your testing center and request a session with you for any exam they have in the future. SmarterProctoring will let you know when there is something going on that you need to look at in your SmarterProctoring account (session request, scheduled exam, etc.).

Note: You can be a part of the SmarterProctoring Testing Center and Proctor Database for all affiliated schools, but if you only wish to be available for The University of Alabama, please follow the instructions below.

  1. I wish to be available for all students using SmarterProctoring: If you have completed your proctoring profile and when they have activated your account, you are available to all SmarterProctoring students without any additional steps.
  2. I wish to be available to only certain institutions: If you only want to proctor for students at certain institutions, simply put these institutions in the “University Affiliations” section of your profile. Then choose “Yes” that you only wish to proctor at affiliated institutions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (205) 348-6220 or email us at

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